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Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning.

Progress is continually monitored by teachers and learners are given feedback immediately during lessons if misconceptions occur.  Children’s work is marked daily and subsequent lessons are adapted to ensure quality learning has occurred. Teachers will feedback regularly to children on the quality of the work produced, challenging them to improve this where appropriate.

In the front of their books, children have a checklist of expectations of their learning which the teachers use to support pupils in developing their understanding of their own next steps.  The children are given regular opportunities to evaluate and improve their work, either independently or in pairs.  In this way our children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

Regular  assessments of the children occur and formal meetings are held between the class teacher and senior leaders in the school.  Formal tests are used to support teacher judgements of the children's work.  During these meetings, teacher's assessments of the children are moderated to check for accuracy and a discussion is held regarding what can be done to support pupils in making even more progress.  Following the meeting, a provision map is completed by the class teacher to show any interventions that will take place to further support accelerated progress.