Governance At Breakwater

STEP Governance

The STEP Academy Trust Established in May 2011, The STEP Academy Trust currently comprises of nine members:
Angel Oak Academy (formerly Gloucester Primary School)

Applegarth Academy

Breakwater Academy (formerly Meeching Valley Primary School)

David Livingstone Academy

Hawkes Farm Academy (formerly Hawkes Farm Primary School)

La Fontaine Academy

Gonville Academy

Heathfield Academy

Wolsey Junior Academy

The name STEP, an acronym, reflects the aspirational nature of the organisation – Striving Together for Excellence in Partnership. Inspired by the commitment to improve children’s life chances, STEP Academies work together to provide high quality learning experiences for all their pupils.

STEP Governors

“STEP First” is the notion that, first and foremost, everyone is committed to being part of The STEP Academy Trust.  All governors must be fully aligned to the Trust’s Mission and Vision.  Although serving one or more particular Academies, governors are members of the wider STEP team.  We are all one team, in one organisation, working towards the same goal:  to be outstanding in all we do – STEP First!

STEP Governance

Structure Recent changes introduced by the Department for Education (DfE) allow academy trusts to establish a local governing body that is responsible for two or more academies. As a result, from September 2015 The STEP Academy Trust will have a structure as illustrated below:

Diagram: STEP Academy Trust Governance Structure, September 2015


Composition of the Strategic Governing Bodies (SGB) The new Strategic Governing Bodies will have a maximum of 12 Governors.


It is the belief of the Board of Trustees that this new governance structure, underpinned by sound principles, will make best use of our strengths, will address our challenges and will provide the framework for each of our Academies to become Outstanding at the next opportunity.


Register of Business Interest

Governing Body Minutes


Name Term of Office Governor Category &

Area of Responsibility


Helen Hewitt 5 October 2016 – 4 October 2020 Co-opted STEP Governor – Chair of Governors


Cliff Robinson 5 October 2016 – 4 October 2020 Co-opted STEP Governor – Vice-Chair of Governors
Johnie Davies 17 October 2016 – 16 October 2020 Co-opted STEP Governor – Safeguarding Governor
Brendan Clemens


1 January 2017 to 31 December 2020 Parent Governor – High Cliff Academy
Helen Day


15 December 2016 to 14 December 2020 Co-opted STEP Governor
Craig Marsh


15 December 2016 to 14 December 2020 Parent Governor – Breakwater Academy
Becky Viner-Wait 15 December 2016 to 14 December 2020 Staff Governor – Breakwater Academy
Becky Packham


Appointment to be ratified by the STEP Board of Trustees. Staff Governor – High Cliff Academy
Ian Rogers Ex Officio Staff Governor

(Head Teacher Breakwater Academy)

Isabelle Tickner


Ex Officio Staff Governor

(Head Teacher High Clliff Academy)

Paul Glover Ex Officio Deputy CEO / Executive Head Teacher

Breakwater and Newhaven Academy

Philippa Jackson – SGB Clerk



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