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Physical Education

At Breakwater Academy we believe that the physical health and wellbeing of our children and staff is vital to ensure that teaching and learning is at its optimum. Due to this we have employed a specialist Physical Education coach who will teach every child at the Academy to ensure that they receive a high quality PE experience.

PE is am important part of the curriculum; therefore all children take regular part in regular physical exercise. Breakwater Academy actively encourages children to make healthy choices.

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is incorporated into PSHE. Every effort is made to match the teaching and knowledge to the maturity of the children.  We aim to help pupils cope with the physical and emotional challenges of growing up, give them an elementary understanding of human reproduction and enable them to make informed choices about their health and environment and to resist bullying.

The Academy is very well resourced, enabling teachers to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum. We continue to invest in ICT so that our pupils can learn using the most up-to-date technologies. Within our curriculum we aim to provide for the academic, personal and social development of every child; encouraging them to work and think independently so that learning is irresistible.