Female winter

(from after autumn half term to the Easter break


Female summer

(from after the Easter break to autumn half term)

Grey skirt/pinafore dress/trousers

white polo shirt or collared blouse

Jade sweatshirt with logo or jade cardigan with logo (available from school office)

Grey tights/white or grey socks

Suitable and safe black school shoes

As winter


yellow and white checked summer dress to replace white polo shirt/collared blouse and skirt/pinafore/shorts or trousers

Male winter

(from after autumn half term to the Easter break)

Male summer

(From after the Easter break to autumn half term)

Grey trousers

White polo shirt or collared shirt

Jade sweatshirt with logo (available from school office)

Black or grey socks Suitable and safe black school shoes

As winter


Grey shorts to replace trousers

PE kit


Winter PE Kit

(after autumn half term to the Easter break)

White round neck T shirt

Plain black sports shorts

Plain black sweatshirt/hoody


As Summer


Plain black jogging bottoms



School Jumpers/Cardigans, Book Bags and PE Bags with Logo are available from the school office.



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  1. End of summer term

    July 22
  2. Inset Day

    September 2
  3. Start of term

    September 3
  4. End of term

    October 23