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At Breakwater Academy, our art curriculum allows students to develop skills in drawing, painting, collage and sculpture.

These skills are underpinned by their developing knowledge of the formal elements of art (line, colour, texture and space); different types of art; art history and the properties of a range of materials, such as pastels, paints, clay and papier maché.

Every term, classes focus on a key artist and their work, making connections and comparisons with other artworks, movements and artists from a range of cultures. They use the knowledge, practice of skills and directed experimentation from each term, to develop their own ideas and complete a more sustained, individual or collaborative piece of work in a bi - termly ‘art week’.

Students use sketchbooks over 2 years to document their progress, develop ideas and are encouraged to continually evaluate their work and respond to that of other artists in a positive and meaningful way.


Subject Documents Date  
Focus Artists 10th Oct 2023 Download
Progression of Skills 10th Oct 2023 Download